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Church Planting and Renewal

Church Planter and Ministry Leadership Development

Trusting God for a greater advance of the gospel through the PCA, we pray for a multiplication of church planting and ministry leaders across the PCA who will serve, grow and multiply church planters, new mission churches and new ministries to advance the gospel. Here are the core phases of a healthy Church Planter and Ministry Leadership Development system. Click on each phase to see a list of related MNA Ministries and Recommended Ministries.

Develop and Recruit

Developing and recruiting church planters.


Assessing church planter candidates and their spouses.


Training and assisting church planters in their fundraising.


Seeking God’s guidance in placing the church planter.


Providing church planter training.

Coaching and Mentoring

Supporting and encouraging the church planter through coaching and mentoring.

Celebration and Renewal

Reflecting on God’s great work thus far and looking to him for greater works in the future.

Kingdom Values

Kingdom Diversity

Revelation 7:9
Advancing the gospel among all people groups.

Kingdom Prayer

Mark 11:17
Building a house of prayer for all the nations.

Kingdom Evangelism

Acts 2:47

Growing through people coming to Christ.

Kingdom Engagement

Micah 6:8

Acting justly, seeking mercy, walking humbly with God.

Kingdom Mobilization

Acts 8:1–4

Advancing the gospel through the ministry of lay people.

Resources to Strengthen Your Church