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How You Can Get Involved in MNA Ministries

Mobilize for Disaster ResponseShortTerm and SecondCareer Ministries

These ministries offer a number of ways to volunteer for disaster recovery, short term missions, and long-term service opportunities. Some opportunities can be done right from your own home. Click the links above to learn more about each ministry.

Chaplain Ministries

You can pray, sponsor a chaplain and volunteer. The site also has ideas for supporting our troops and expressing appreciation for our Veterans. Visit the Chaplain home page and check out the links on the right side-bar under How You Can Get Involved.

Metanoia Prison Ministries

Disciple a prisoner through our correspondence ministry or help set up prison ministry at your church.. Learn more here.


Would you like to start an ESL ministry or school at your church? You will find resources and training opportunities on their webpage.

Engaging Disability

Does your church have a special needs ministry, or are you looking for support and advice on starting one? Check out Engaging Disability to get connected.

Leadership & Ministry Preparation

LAMP can help you raise up the next generation of leaders from your pews into the pulpit. For more information on how to start a LAMP site at your church, visit LAMP Seminary.

Parakaleo Ministries

You can register for our coach’s training and learn how to come alongside women in your church, sponsor a church planting spouse to attend our basic training, and pray. Visit Parakaleo to register for upcoming events.

MNA Mercy Ministries

MNA has resources to help you mobilize your congregation into effective mercy ministry, how to plan churches among the poor, and how to do cross cultural ministries.  Visit Urban & Mercy Ministries and explore the options, as well as the MNA ShortTerm opportunities page.

Don’t be limited by this list! If you want to be involved in a ministry that isn’t mentioned here, please feel free to contact the ministry leader. You will find contact information for all our ministries on their ministry pages.