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Person: Nathan Arnold

Covenant Theological Seminary – Church Planting Track

Our guests today were:

Robert Kim: Assistant Professor of Applied Theology and Church Planting since 2019. He has 23 years of pastoral and church planting experience.

If you wish to schedule a time to speak with Dr. Kim, you can make an appointment at:

Craig Harris: CTS alumni, having graduated in 2018 and is planting in Yakima, WA, which launched in 2020.

Nathan Arnold: Covenant’s first CP track graduate in December. After serving as a church planting resident for the past year and a half, Nathan is now on staff as an assistant pastor at Woke Bridge Community church, a multi-ethnic EPC church plant in Ferguson, MO.

Kyle Lindgren: serves with Stu Kearns in Lincoln, NE (Zion Presbyterian) in his 2nd year at CTS’ MDiv program.

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