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Tony Rogers

Metanoia Prison Ministries Regional Director, SC

Tony Rogers was converted to Christ in 1993 while incarcerated in the Southern Desert Correctional Institution in Indian Springs, Nevada. Since his release a few years later he desired to enter the gospel ministry. After many twists and turns of God’s providence—during which time he got married, had children, and went to college—Tony was eventually admitted into the divinity program at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in June of 2014 and graduated in May of 2018.

While in seminary Tony and his family were making preparations to move and minister overseas upon his graduation. However, in his final year of seminary his youngest daughter came down with a rare and protracted illness that required remaining in the States. With the original plans of ministering overseas derailed, and graduation fast approaching, Tony mentioned to a friend that his greatest desire has always been to devote himself to the work of pastoral ministry to prisoners but he didn’t see any way to do so while also supporting his family. Tony’s friend then told him about Metanoia and promptly contacted Mark Casson, who had been praying for the Lord to send someone to help with the work in South Carolina.

In May of 2019 Calvary Presbytery called Tony to be pastor of prison ministries and he now serves in this capacity as the Regional Director for Metanoia in South Carolina, where he lives with his wife and three of his four children.