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LAMP Seminary: Ministry & Life Experience Courses

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The LAMP Program includes 6 “Ministry and Life Experience” (MLE) courses. These courses are designed to give students credit for their ministry involvement in the local church while going through the LAMP program, and are a requirement as they progress in their studies. This component is one of LAMP’s values of training. 

We have compiled some examples of how our students are completing their involvement for their ministry and life experience courses. There is a wide variety of student ministry involvement in areas such as campus outreach, family and children’s ministry programs, youth leaders, intermittent preaching, Elders, and Liturgy. 

Eric WinshipHarvest PCA

Eric leads two small groups. In the first he is teaching through 1st & 2nd Timothy to a small group ages 18-75. In the second group, Eric meets with younger USMC – connected singles, couples, and small families. Working through current events and real life situations looking to God’s word for direction in response as Christ followers. In addition Eric holds weekly individual discipleship meetings.

Jeanette SimpsonSaint Andrews Presbyterian Church

Jeanette is the full-time director of the Children’s Ministry for Saint Andrews Presbyterian. Over the past few months, the congregation has been preparing for their biggest outreach events of the year, Camp JAM (Jesus, Arts & More) for rising 1st-6th graders as well as JAM Jr., a new camp for children 2-5 years old. Jeanette continues to fulfill her day to day tasks and responsibilities for the children’s ministry–making sure there are volunteers, teachers, materials for all classes, planning and implementing new ideas and activities, as well as reaching out to families.

David SteinbargerGreen Bay, WI

David is the youth director responsible for teaching weekly bible lessons, ministering to youth as a mentor, leading small groups and most recently leading a group of 10 adults and 10 students on a mission trip to Costa Rica.

Kyle RoqueRaleigh, NC

Kyle has been asked to help build off the liturgy that was in place. He was able to incorporate the desire for prayer in the beginning and in the middle of service. This was something new to the church and brought new opportunities for growth. There are now 4 main themes the church prays through collectively that have begun to bear fruit for the unity and focus of the congregation.The four themes are: Praying for the nations, Continuing a traditional prayer of praying through a text of the bible with confessions and assurance, Praying for the local harvest and intercessory prayer on behalf of the church.

James RollinsNew River Presbytery

James has participated in Sunday worship as a Liturgist, leading prayer of confession after presenting a meditation in preparation for worship. In addition, he has participated in worship on 3 occasions leading children’s church.

William EddyHope Presbyterian, Hot Springs

As a ruling elder, William has participated in monthly session meetings, two presbytery meetings, and general assembly. He was recently nominated to the MNA Committee for Covenant Presbytery. Every Sunday, William gives a 3-5 minute children’s sermon going through the Children’s Catechism. Once a month, he preaches at a men’s homeless shelter within their presbytery. Additionally, William has had the opportunity to preach intermittently over the past 6 months.

Yianni VourtsisPinelands Presbyterian

Yianni has led his youth group through the Apostles Creed. He is leading a young adults group through the book of Romans, and has participated in teaching Adult Sunday School by expounding several doctrines within systematic theology. Yianni, shared that he is thankful to God for the way LAMP Theological Seminary has equipped him for ministry.
It is a great encouragement to see how students inthe program are using their ministry involvement to further enhance their program studies.

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