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LAMP Seminary Student Profile: Anderson Shore

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LAMP Graduate Anderson Shore, of Christ The King Presbyterian Church shares his testimony of how God guided his path and time in LAMP Seminary to grow him in his walk. As a student the Lord allowed Anderson to see how vast his beauty is as well as His desires for him to walk with people, and sit with those that need it.

Where He Began

Anderson speaks of a Christian upbringing where his family attended church throughout his life. However, as he grew, he noticed that his heart and actions did not reflect that he knew what the gospel of Jesus meant. It wasn’t until college, where Anderson became involved in intentional discipleship and Bible Study, where God started to show him that he didn’t need to prove his worth to be saved “But rather it was through the perfect work of Jesus Christ that I could be in a personal relationship with Him.” Anderson stopped trying to prove himself to God and was able to accept that he was his son through Jesus’ work in his place. He was able to sit confidently in relationship with him. Anderson’s desire for the church and church planting grew from there. He shares “even though my sinful heart continues to be revealed, I know that I am a child of God and that through worship and obedience God is going to use me for His glory.”

Anderson’s Time with LAMP Seminary

Anderson is currently the pastoral resident at Christ the King Presbyterian Church. His roles over the years have shifted and he shares how beautiful it has been to receive work experience while pursuing seminary. He is now the director of community groups at his church where he helps care for and equip leaders to be able to provide a place where disciples of Jesus can grow in learning more about the Lord, and becoming more like Him.

Things that have been helpful. 

Anderson found that it has been so special to be involved with ministry in a church while being trained up through LAMP simultaneously. “I am so thankful that I was able to use what I was learning in certain trainings and conversations that I had with people from my church.” Anderson was able to gain both head and heart knowledge from his time with LAMP which has helped relationally as well. Additionally, LAMP was the perfect fit for him as it has provided flexibility over the past 5 years. Anderson was working as a photographer when he began the program and now has transitioned into the role working with his church. “The opportunity to get to know other pastors in our area has been such a great experience for me. LAMP came along at just the right time as I was able to pursue my seminary education in a city that I love and a church I desired to serve in.” Anderson shared how grateful he is that LAMP exists and how it has increased his love for Jesus and his Church.

Looking ahead

As for the future, Anderson hopes to walk with God’s people in a church planting context. He has a desire to show people how much their Father loves them, and how great it is to receive the blessings that He wants to pour out on his children. There is an excitement for the future, and He prays that God would direct him in a place to “Make Jesus Famous!” Anderson firmly believes that the United States needs more churches preaching through word and deed. “I am dreaming about how God might do that through church planting.”