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LAMP Seminary Student Profile: Ryan Swindle

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LAMP Graduate Ryan Swindle, of Redeemer Rockwall Presbyterian Church shares his testimony of how he sought to serve God and learned to love others more than himself. Ryan shared that he couldn’t have pursued God’s call to ministry without LAMP Seminary. LAMP allowed me to complete his studies while serving his family, church and community.”

Where He Began

Ryan was raised in a church going household, but had little grasp of the gospel. Bored and disenchanted with life, he began using drugs at the age of 12. It wasn’t until he was 17 years old, when he attended an Evangelical Church for the first time, that he heard the good news of Christ crucified and raised from the dead. Newly converted, Ryan sought to serve God however he might. He enrolled at Dallas Baptist University, where he pursued Biblical Studies and Philosophy. Once he married his wife, Amber, he began working as a public school teacher where he learned what it meant to love others more than himself. Working as a librarian also taught him how to question and listen to others. Ryan and Amber began attending PCA Churches, out of a strong desire for Liturgical Worship.

Answering the Call

Ryan is currently serving as the ruling elder and pastoral intern at Redeemer Rockwall. After answering the call to serve Redeemer as a ruling elder, Ryan learned that God gave him a heart for ministry. Upon interviewing one of their members, he felt the call to gospel ministry. He enrolled in LAMP and established Rockwall Redeemer as a learning site where he completed his Mdiv.

Ryan’s Time with LAMP Seminary

Without LAMP Seminary, Ryan shared that he couldn’t have pursued God’s call to ministry. As a husband, father, elder, and public educator, he had neither the time nor the resources to attend a traditional seminary. LAMP allowed him to complete his studies while serving his family, church and community. In short, “God used LAMP to make a way where there was no way.”

Things that have been helpful. 

Ryan found that LAMP offered the kind of flexibility scheduling and affordability he needed to be successful. The LAMP learning model allowed him to spend more time at home and at church. As a result, he has never lost sight of the many callings God has placed upon his life. His marriage is strong, and his relationships with friends and teaching elders has only grown over the last 3 years due to the mentoring they’ve provided along the way. These relationships allowed Ryan to learn from those he would be called to serve beside in the Fall.

Looking ahead

Ryan currently serves Redeemer Rockwall as a ruling elder and pastoral intern. In October, he will begin serving as a part time Care Pastor. He shepherds the people, both at Church and at large, through prayer and the ministry of the world. Once ordained, he will also be administering the sacrament to those unable to attend worship. He will continue serving in a bi-vocational capacity. But, if the church extended a full time calling he would accept.

“I love people–There is no place i’d rather be.”