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LAMP Seminary Webinar: Overview of the Book of Church Order


The Book of Church Order, commonly referred to as the BOCO, is often confusing and difficult to apply into everyday church and presbytery operations and as a candidate for licensure or ordination is often an area of weakness during exams. 

Dr. Dominic Aquila provided a deep dive into this topic during a webinar for LAMP Seminary. The webinar replay is available for purchase and includes an overview PDF to use in conjunction with the replay video.

During the webinar Dr. Aquila will covers the following topics:

  • BCO Preface and Preliminary Principles
  • The Preliminary Principles
  • The Church’s Ministry Is Spiritual, Ministerial, Declarative, And Moral
  • The Confession and Other Formularies of the PCA Are Standard Expositions of Scripture
  • A Brief History and Influences in the PCA
  • The Grassroots Polity and Non-Hierarchical Connectionalism of the PCA
  • The Two Powers of Our Church Courts
  • The Difference Between Ecclesiastical and Civil Power
  • The Nature of Membership And The Rights of Members
  • The Place and Authority of the Session
  • The Place of Elders and Deacons
  • The Nature of Ordination and Service on the Session and Diaconate
  • Church Court Authority and Judicial Process
  • Appeals and Complaints
  • The Role and Authority of Presbytery and General Assembly
  • Is There A Slippery Slide? Every Generation of the Church Wrestles With Issues
  • What’s The Future for the PCA? What Are the Dominant Issues Now?

Click here to purchase your copy of the replay.

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