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Refugee and Immigrant Ministry

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Many of you have inquired how you might be able to help some of the several thousand Afghan refugees who are arriving in the US, many of whom risked their own lives and those of their families to help US troops and contractors in Afghanistan over the past years. At this link you can download an timely guide to a variety of ways that you can help, collated by the Christian organization We Welcome Refugees.

World Relief, the evangelical refugee resettlement agency, provides this link to helping through their offices, with needs – particularly for short-term or long-term housing – especially acute in the Sacramento and Modesto, California areas. If there is no World Relief resettlement office in your area, other options are available here and here.

Please be patient and use the online form or email rather than calling, so that staff can respond to you when they find a rare quiet moment. If you are offering HOUSING, however, please call and leave a detailed message.