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Person: Chris Jessup

RTS Charlotte: The Center for Church Planting

Our guests today were:

Dean Faulkner is Director of the Center for Church Planting at RTS Charlotte. He is also the Lead Pastor at his second church plant – South Charlotte Pres.  The Center work is his side hustle for the kingdom where he helps reproduce planters and future leaders.  

Jake Hooker is a graduate of RTS-C and moved back to his hometown of Roanoke, VA at the end of last year to plant Providence Presbyterian Church.  

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Alberto Paredes is a student at RTS-C with A Church Planting Emphasis and is a pastoral Intern at Christ Covenant Church, Matthews, under Kevin DeYoung.

Alberto also produces reformed resources, largely in short articles, in Spanish. Check it out at: There is a book review section that is in English at:

Chris Jessup is Director of Family Ministries and Outreach at Friendly Hills Church, PCA in Jamestown, NC. 

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