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Welcoming Osman Jama


As many PCA churches around the country begin to welcome Afghan refugees into their communities, please join MNA Refugee and Immigrant Ministry in welcoming onto our staff Osman Jama, who came to the US as a Muslim refugee child from Somalia several decades ago. Through the patient, consistent love and witness of a Christian friend and that friend’s family he became a strong believer in Christ in high school.

He is now on the staff of one of our PCA churches as Missionary in Residence, and he is passionate about helping churches to engage with new arrivals so that they too might come to know and love Him. You can help support his work as Church Refugee Engagement Specialist here.

To learn about opportunities for your church to welcome refugees, contact or 

Perhaps several decades from now, an Afghan whom you welcome with the love of Christ this year will be a mature Christian leader like Osman because you allowed God to work through your authentic relationship with them!