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Church Planting & Renewal Conversations

Business of Your Church – Conversation with Auxilio Partners

Starting a church is also starting a business, requiring legal, denominational, financial, HR, donor, data and communications systems, and processes to enable your church to flourish. Among the options today for managing the business side of your church plant is outsourcing, What does that look like? What are some of the advantages and/or disadvantages as compared to do-it-yourself, volunteers or in-house staffing?

Our guests today were:

Keith Moore, the senior partner at Auxilio Partners, who after 30 years as a small-business entrepreneur, felt called to put his business knowledge and experience to work for nonprofits and churches. Auxilio develops and manages comprehensive, cloud-based back-office solutions so that pastors & non-profit leaders could focus on their call to take the gospel in word & deed to their communities.

Kara Callaghan is a partner with Auxilio and was the Chief of Staff for Grace Downtown in Washington, DC and Director of Operations for Radstock Ministries. Kara has 18+ years of experience managing non-profits. She brings a broad range of skills and a heart to serve new churches and those wanting to grow their mission.

Steve Stanton is a Church Planter in Colorado Springs, at Waypoint Church, which began right before Covid and launch their worship 5 months ago.

Chris Talley is at work planting Lakeway Church in Morristown, TN, outside of Knoxville. Chris has served in churches in Orlando, Knoxville, and Atlanta before being recruited by the TN Valley Presbytery to plant in Morristown.

Michael Novak is the planter and pastor at Trinity Grace Church in San Antonio, TX. Before that he was an RUF Campus Minister at Trinity University for seven years.

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